Dr. Tichenor’s Toothpaste where mouths matter – Start your morning by bringing your mouth to life with our pure, bold, pepperminty fresh Dr. Tichenor’s Toothpaste. Dr. Tichenor’s Toothpaste helps remove plaque, fight cavities, whitens teeth and contains fluoride for healthy teeth that leave beautiful smiles for life.
Assorted Gift Pack (1 6.4 oz. toothpaste, 1 4 oz. gel, and 1 8 oz. mouthwash) AS-GP

Toothpaste Gift Pack (Three 6.4 Ounce Tubes) TP-GP

Toothpaste 6.4 Ounce Case (12 Tubes) TP-12

Toothpaste 6.4 Ounce Case (24 Tubes) TP-24