Dr. Tichenor’s Peppermint Mouthwash Concentrate - where mouths matter and brushing alone is not enough to kill germs. Dr. Tichenor’s mouthwash kills the germs that cause bad breath while leaving your mouth pepperminty fresh. Let Dr. Tichenor’s save you money with its concentrated all natural original formula, since 1864, that packs a bold minty punch. Simply dilute one part of Dr. Tichenor’s all natural concentrated mouthwash to five parts of water for your healthy daily oral hygiene regimen.
Antiseptic / Mouthwash Gift Pack (Three 8 Ounce Bottles)

2 Ounce Case (24 Bottles) MW-2

4 Ounce Case (12 Bottles) MW-4

8 Ounce Case (12 Bottles) MW-8

16 Ounce Case (12 Bottles) MW-16

Assorted Gift Pack (1 6.4 oz. toothpaste, 1 4 oz. gel, and 1 8 oz. mouthwash) AS-GP